tons of new nikon dSLRs coming soon

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There are lots of new nikon dSLRs coming soon, including a d300 replacement with the all important HD video mode – so you can try to hold the thing still and see all the pores and hairs on everything you film. Real pro’s would of course use a full 35mm film movie camera together with a leica lens.

of course i plan on buying it so i can shoot my family movies on it. but don’t you buy it or you’ll ruin it for me.

Oh – and i’m sorry i didn’t mention the new canon 500d – i was out shooting film like a pro instead of reading about the latest camera release.

PS I’m still working on that ebay article i spoke about last year – but – don’t email me about it or it will take me even longer.


Ripped off again

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I ordered some special gold lens caps – on ebay for 30 cents, and when they arrived turns out they were fools gold – i can’t believe it.

Who do they think i am? I’m the fake ken rockwell!

I’m going to go and get my leica and shoot some rolls of film – almost as good as my d40…..

D40 and D3x

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I know i said not to buy a d3x and i know i then went and bought one so you guys didn’t have to.

and i know i keep saying how great a d40 is because of it’s pro level 1/500 sync speed.

and i know there is still no sign of my ebay article, but, hey you get what you pay for.

i’m going to buy the new 35/1.8 DX lens and the new d400 just so you guys don’t have to, man i’d good.

Went to death Valley

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I went to death valley recently and loads of people were shooting with the latest digital medium format system; heavy big primes, i used my uber-pro film setup of course, i used an old classic APS-C polaroid instamatic camera.

Noone needs the massive resolution of these latest digital whiz-bang cameras – My film gets me way better results and for real pro’s like me then i don’t need the latest $8000 nikon d3x, so remember to keep boycotting it.

see you soon!

Christmas Over – new articles due soon…

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Well it’s nearly the new year.

Look forward to my articles coming up, to include:

  • how to make toast (a follow up for the popular boiling an egg article)
  • how to make enough money to buy any camera you want
  • how to make sure every lens is fantastic no matter what.
  • how cameras with more megapixels will NEVER beat film.
  • Stay tuned.

    My Canon 5d mark 2 is making hundreds of photos, i’m sure glad i bought mine now and got the banding and black dots. Canon’s going down faster than the price of the d3x at the moment, but, still everything is great, my good buddy fake chuck westfal said so whilst i was talking to him on his phone – he called me up and told me his phone is broken now though, so don’t try and call him about your 5d mark 2 problems – i’m sure canon will sort it just like they did the 1d mark 3 AF problems though.

    My D3X is due anyday now – and i’m sure it will be worth it (not in money as it’s now worth about $7000 – the folks at a internet forum site think it should be less) – but that early adopter amount will let me sort out all the glitches so you don’t have to. God I’m good!

    Happy Holidays and get ready for the new year in style here at!

    PS Don’t forget to donate lots of money to me and buy stuff using my links!

Keep me posting

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Being the starving professional that i am I need more money to buy film and keep my family alive so i can post photos with my amazing d40 (which i’ve single handedly made a success – no thanks to nikon) so due to popular demand all you readers out there here is my paypal details:

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Nikon d3x now in stock and shipping

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Like i said i’m getting one of these after saying i wouldn’t.

Obviously i’m only doing it so i can review it for you guys. I was so impress having a quick play with FakeChucks D3x i changed my mind. Yeah i know it’s just a sony 24mpx sensor dropped into a d3 body, and yeah i know that 14-bit NEFs take me to 1.8fps, but, what can you do. At least we know it won’t suffer from black dots or AF problems. I really think it’s goodbye canon now.

My d3x is on the way now – i can’t wait to pair the latest and greatest 24mpx body with my dog-chew 100 year old lens i crowbar’d off an old holga i found in the loft – it will take full advantage of it i think. Of course it would be better on a holga or box-brownie as a professional photographer could easily get better pictures than a newbie with his d3x and 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 combo. The vignetting on the 70-200 alone makes it worth it.

Anyway – back to may ebay article – don’t forget to click on my links for amazon and B&H and ebay.