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Canon announce new flagship studio and landscape camera codename donkey aka Canon 5DS

Posted in canon 5ds, canon new releases on February 6, 2015 by thefakekenrockwell

Canon announce new flagship studio and landscape camera codename donkey aka Canon 5DS

Once again canon are late to the party. Nikon realised having 2 models like the d800 and d800e was a bad plan so release the d810… Canon have now got similar high resolution bodies with the 5ds and 5ds r.. we back in the 80’s with RS turbo’s and cosworths! What a glorious time that was. It also coincides with film which is awesome too.

New cameras are always better than old cameras thats a fact. I will be able to pick this camera up and use it to take photos of the kids.

Remember the selling point of full frame cameras was better noise performance than your crappy DX body.. well canon have managed to break this barrier and give us the double whammy of the same ISO performance as DX plus a more restrictive ISO range.. so it’s a win-win!

Don’t worry though they’ve also stripped the video features away so that you’re better buying a digital rebel. Canon actually have a marketing department they have worked out how to charge you more for less. This is always the case like the McClaren F1 I drive is more than my ferrari

If I want medium format I’d pick up a film body or the much better Pentax 645Z. The pentax does everything better. The lenses are cheaper and you’re not having to cram everything onto a small sensor. Luckily no-one has heard of pentax so Canon and Nikon are safe.

The canon 5DS will perform like your Canon 7d2 but with less video options and less high iso sensitivity so you can use the 7d2 and the 5ds and get the same great performance.

As we’ve found with the nikon high resolution bodies you need superb technique to see any measurable difference, whilst people are configuring their canon 5ds turbo RS with go faster stripes I’ll be out making photos with my awesome film cameras and nikon d810. Though i can shoot great photos with my iphone too as i am so awesome.

On the plus side is makes nikon cameras a lot more attractive to people now so thanks canon and my mate Chuck must be scratching his head on this one.

Here’s a product shot my mate chuck sent me.