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Nikon D750 – another fail

Posted in camera, nikon with tags on October 1, 2014 by thefakekenrockwell

I bet canon are laughing all over the place now. How many cameras so similar to each other do nikon have? This isn’t as good as my box brownie!

So now we have these FX bodies:

D610, Df, D4s, D810, D750

You can still buy and still current on the website:
D600, D800, D800E, D4.

And which are pro bodies according to nikon?

Nikon Df, D810 and D4s

Consumer bodies being D610, d750….

So according to nikon the single card slotted and d610 af sharing df is pro but the dual card slot d4s af equiped d750 is not? are nikon smoking crack?

Also why are nikon not giving adobe the heads up so that they can release their RAW camera support straight away. Nikon should realise that a camera is only as good as it’s workflow.. thats why i shoot film.

I’m sticking with my d90.


Christmas Over – new articles due soon…

Posted in camera, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 28, 2008 by thefakekenrockwell

Well it’s nearly the new year.

Look forward to my articles coming up, to include:

  • how to make toast (a follow up for the popular boiling an egg article)
  • how to make enough money to buy any camera you want
  • how to make sure every lens is fantastic no matter what.
  • how cameras with more megapixels will NEVER beat film.
  • Stay tuned.

    My Canon 5d mark 2 is making hundreds of photos, i’m sure glad i bought mine now and got the banding and black dots. Canon’s going down faster than the price of the d3x at the moment, but, still everything is great, my good buddy fake chuck westfal said so whilst i was talking to him on his phone – he called me up and told me his phone is broken now though, so don’t try and call him about your 5d mark 2 problems – i’m sure canon will sort it just like they did the 1d mark 3 AF problems though.

    My D3X is due anyday now – and i’m sure it will be worth it (not in money as it’s now worth about $7000 – the folks at a internet forum site think it should be less) – but that early adopter amount will let me sort out all the glitches so you don’t have to. God I’m good!

    Happy Holidays and get ready for the new year in style here at!

    PS Don’t forget to donate lots of money to me and buy stuff using my links!