Nikon Recall D750 – flairs

Nikon D750 flair recall

Looks like nikon has been caught with it’s pants down – or flares down as the d750 appears to have massive flare issues.. a recall is brilliant if you don’t take photos as most d750 owners just buy them because they want to be cool. I’m a super uber pro and only ever use tried and tested cameras. The newest stuff always has bugs don’t buy it.


Wonder if nikon have any people left to test? or if they’re going down the microsoft and apple route of testing new released with users first.

Anyway i’m off to shoot film because thats awesome… don’t forget to use my affiliate links as thats how i feed my family etc.



2 Responses to “Nikon Recall D750 – flairs”

  1. Karma4Ken Says:

    You are a f******g moron because I used shoot film and I KNOW that digital is infinitely better for most people most of the time.

    Your dig at Ken is because you are jealous of his success as a journalist.

    Go and die someplace out of site because nobody out here who cares about Photography gives a flying fuck about you!

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