The New D800 and D4 price hike (only for the UK)

I was just speaking to one of my buddys in the UK and he tells me that the D800 and D4 are back-ordered so much in the UK that they are gonna get some more dosh to pay for The Nikon UK summer bbq and raise the price on the D800 by £200 and £500 on the D4. Luckily they said they can just plame it on a system glitch… hahaha those silly limeys!

Another guy told me the Canon 5D3 has banding too.. do they not know thats a canon feature?

On top of the small fortune for the wireless features of the new 600EX.. I don’t think canon have heard that yonguno sell a whole wireless trigger and receiver for about $60.. hahahaah.


Anyway i’m off to shoot some film and get some great shots on my cheap D800 and kit lens.. gonna be awesome!



7 Responses to “The New D800 and D4 price hike (only for the UK)”

  1. Fake Ken, I’m confused about Real Ken. He says he’s just bought a Think Tank Airport 4-Sight Rolling Camera Bag, but in a previous article about spotting amateurs he said, “I’ve heard stories of some people who actually walked around events with roller camera bags. The pros at the event were peeing in their pants with laughter!”

    The cynical among his readers would simply say the reason he lies and contradicts himself all the time is because the only thing he is interested in is getting commission from affiliate schemes.

  2. Thanks for getting all those cool deals through Adorama for us, Ken. Can’t wait to pay $7k for an old D3X. I’ve responded to the “please help Ken Rockwell” strapline with a food parcel.

  3. Margus Riimaa Says:

    Hi! My name is Ken Rockwell and I would like to give you some advice regarding camera gear.

    First of all, I encourage people to stop using the silly mid-range zooms. All adequate people use one wide zoom and one tele zoom on different camera bodies. You can simply walk the cap between the focal lengths… By the way, 18-200 is my favorite lens! I recommend it much over the 16-85, which is almost the same price. Sharpeness does not matter! All lenses are more than sharp enough if you use them correctly!
    Note, that whenever you need a focal length over 85mm you are not close enough! The more away you are from 50mm the less useful the lens is. A classic kit lens is all one needs! Better yet, take the 35mm f/1.8 for fantastic indoor shots.
    When I look at my pictures later, I like almost exclusively the pictures the wider they are. I just can´t get wide enough! I don´t like the 12-24, because 10-24 gets wider and I need that perspective! Well, except I just bought the new 70-200 f/2.8 I don´t need it, but it is simply so sharp!

    Same goes to full frame sensor. The difference on computer screen is not noticeable.
    I own 5d mark ii and nikon d700… it is ok to buy all kinds of gear, simply don´t carry it with you.
    Only silly people buy expensive gear and suffer under the weight! I shoot mostly primes… my 20mm 50mm and 85mm primes are all I need. Then I can concentrate on the composition more… as a matter of fact, my best competition-winning pictures I made with my old broken point and shoot.
    Gear does not matter at all, as long as you have the eye for the composition. Just do the F.A.R.T.!
    And remember to crank up the saturation and white balance to red IN THE CAMERA.
    Nowadays nobody shoots raw. Well, people do, but I don´t have time for this. I get perfect pictures right out of the camera.

  4. Don’t forget that “Nikon sets aside the defective D800’s to send to the mom and pop stores. They save the good ones for Adorama and B&H. So click on his link and only buy from them. You shouldn’t buy from any place that advertises because you pay for their advertising. Instead buy from Adorama and B&H because they don’t advertise” except when they advertise.

    • Looks like much jealousy of a person who knows 1000 times as much about photography than they, and, is not afraid to guide the buyer between different brands. He/s saved me $$$, and, I’ve stayed with Velvia, leaving experimental digits to the Rockwell haters!

  5. I use D700 for my job, it is good enough for most of the job. I think no need to buy the new one.

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