Updating my main website

Now some of you may be having problem with my website right now – this is due to me moving to a better hosting provider who uses film and not the fancy digital.


3 Responses to “Updating my main website”

  1. the fake thomas Says:

    i too have decided to boycott any goods or service provider who does not use the superior film like my favourite velvia (even though i cant find any place that will give me decent prints from slides in my area)…

    i’ve already told my local pizza shop and motor mechanic to trash their digitals and the next phone i buy is going to have a film camera in it coz i prefer the real shutter sound it makes and the look i get from the scratches and half blind people at the print lab screwing with my contrast settings

  2. the fake Bjørn Rørslett Says:

    it seems to me that the whole industry is moving against the wave , wtf Kodak was thinking when they discontinued Kodachrome ? sigh …

  3. I have managed to follow your edict and have ripped out all the evil digital gubbins outof my Nikon D7000. What next?

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