My take on the new nikon d5000

What are nikon thinking? an articulated screen – that’s going to break in 2 minutes.
And still 720p video? even canons cheap offering has 1080p video. Come on Nikon what are you thinking?
Still no proper Auto focus with video mode which makes it next to useless for any decent video and hence just a gimmick to try and get people to buy on headline items.
And worse of all – no AF on old lenses – only get that with AF-S lenses.
I think we should go back to shooting film, you knew where you were then.

I’m going back to working out why my website’s broken…. anyone any good with steam and valves?


13 Responses to “My take on the new nikon d5000”

  1. The Chrome Dragon Says:

    Not much happening here just the real Ken Rockwell site. Ken is like a wayward puppy, currently chasing its film tail.

  2. Tony Zamboni Says:

    Hi Ken! Just wanted to say how much I love your amazing ideas on your real website. You are the Magic Alex of photography! I must compliment you for keeping focused on photography on the other website. Those articles on how you don’t read e-mails then tell us about the spam e-mails, wow, great stuff! Thanks for the insights into minor, distant earthquakes, how crappy Nissan is, and all that other important information you shared that week. And that socialism article, well, I really empathized with you when you said “every time I got laid off” and “every time I’ve been unemployed,” because it apparently has happened to you a lot!

    And on photography, when you get around to it, well the update on the $120,000 lens, that’s really useful info. Thanks for that, and thanks for telling us how much you now love and own Leicas, and then put out witty articles on how people who love Leicas are fops, snobs and dilletantes. And the great “everyone is going back to film” movement you champion, the groundswell is amazing!

    Keep it up, Ken! Don’t listen to those who say you are a wild, self-absorbed egotist who mistakes opinions for facts.

  3. Howdy honestly wanted to get a moment to state I appreciate your story ….

  4. Not A Ken Fan Says:

    Where else can I post my view?

    Today, Ken complained about the state of California and the pending legislation to collect sales tax from Amazon because there are affiliates, including Ken, in the state. Seems he gets 90% of his income from the site. Ken never tells you how much of that income comes from the affiliate thing, versus donations through paypal or purchases of his user manuals. Just a little detail. Ken states that the new law will be a bad thing because Amazon will end the affiliate relationships to remain tax free and thus end Ken’s main source of income which he pays income tax on. The net effect, Ken states, is that California will get less income because the state still won’t collect sales tax and will also use income tax from people like Ken. Excuses me while I get a hanky.

    What Ken conveniently forgets to mention is how bad this situation really is for most people in the state. I’d like to know what Ken thinks about all the local photo stores that are going out of business because they just can’t compete anymore. Because of the likes of Amazon, the state is not only loosing sales tax, but when a local store closes down, it looses that income tax from the employees, it pays out unemployment to those out of work, the property values go down so the state looses property tax, and for photographers, we loose the shop we depend on to take good care of us. Who cares? Obviously Ken does not.

    Why does not Ken do what people use to do and get a job at a photo shop? That would be too much work. It must be nice sitting at home in his jammies writing useless crap like why he buys breakfast cereal on Amazon and makes money doing that.

    Lets do what is right for the majority of people. Stop this stupid side steeping of the law and make all Internet stores pay the tax that they should. If we don’t there won’t be many local stores left. You’ll have a Walmart or two, and the Internet. States will be bankrupt, and we’ll wonder what the heck happened. Don’t listen to Mr. Rockwell’s self serving bull. Make him get a real job and move on.

  5. JimDawg80 Says:

    Ken, You should know the Yashica Electro 35 is a much better camera. But I hear the Nikon D500,000 is coming out soon but a bit pricey – $10K. Maybe your website readers can contribute $5000 apiece.

  6. 1. Nikon D5000 Receives Gold DIWA Award
    What was Nikon thinking? Perhaps “let’s make a great DSLR with the image quality of the D90 that is affordable to the masses…) I’d say judging from this award, they succeeded. Don’t like awards? See how it’s image quality specs measure up here:
    (It’a about the same as the D90 except in low light were the D90 beats it by a tad and tops Leica’s $4000 M8 in every category…)

    2. This camera, along with the D90, is being used by filmmakers as a cheap RED cam. 720 is plenty of res. It shoots 24p (important to filmmakers) and uses MJPEG so you can edit in most editing packages… It’s good enough for filmmakers but not average consumers? It requires you to prefocus and/or use a smaller ap to get greater DoF. Video is stunning – “film-like” not “video like” esp. with shallow DoF, which camcorders are not capable of.

    3. The swivel screen is quite sturdy. No issues. Love it, think it’s great for waist-level shooting, overhead, and low-angle… Can’t do that with other DSLRs. I’ll take those capabilities over a bigger screen with more rez any day.

    Perfect? No… but it’s a great camera, especially given its price. Best DSLR value out there IMO.

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  9. I take photos of my kids by slamming their faces into hot lava and waiting for it to cool. Lava has been around for millions of years and it just works. Sure, it’s hard to do with active kids, but I find if I bind their ankles with rolls and rolls of Velvia before I let them onto the volcano and I can grab them more easily and push their faces into the molten rock. If there is no lava around I use my D40, the same camera that Jesus used.

  10. What were you trying to say there Ken??

  11. How’s the new D3200 now you’ve decided the D800 is crap? btw thanks for the “nobody needs more than 6Mp” advice which reiterated on the pages describing your 18Mp Leica M9, 36Mp D800 and your new 22Mp Canon 5D mkIII. I tried looking for a 6Mp camera but bottomed out so bought a c1938 plate camera instead.

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