tons of new nikon dSLRs coming soon

There are lots of new nikon dSLRs coming soon, including a d300 replacement with the all important HD video mode – so you can try to hold the thing still and see all the pores and hairs on everything you film. Real pro’s would of course use a full 35mm film movie camera together with a leica lens.

of course i plan on buying it so i can shoot my family movies on it. but don’t you buy it or you’ll ruin it for me.

Oh – and i’m sorry i didn’t mention the new canon 500d – i was out shooting film like a pro instead of reading about the latest camera release.

PS I’m still working on that ebay article i spoke about last year – but – don’t email me about it or it will take me even longer.


One Response to “tons of new nikon dSLRs coming soon”

  1. I followed your “I don’t need no stinking tripod” advice in my once in a lifetime trip to Paris. It went really well.

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