Ripped off again

I ordered some special gold lens caps – on ebay for 30 cents, and when they arrived turns out they were fools gold – i can’t believe it.

Who do they think i am? I’m the fake ken rockwell!

I’m going to go and get my leica and shoot some rolls of film – almost as good as my d40…..


2 Responses to “Ripped off again”

  1. Oh was he refering to the D40? i thought he said disposable cameras you buy at 7Eleven??

  2. I thought he preferred home made pinhole cameras – 5×4 film naturally, and with a Leica M9 as a backup. I have to go knock nails in my neighbor’s horrible Nissan with my superlight D40 now. He could buy a new Bugatti Veyron if he’d read Ken’s “How to Afford Expensive Shit No-one Else Can” (marry a hard working gall and sponge off her presumably).

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