Went to death Valley

I went to death valley recently and loads of people were shooting with the latest digital medium format system; heavy big primes, i used my uber-pro film setup of course, i used an old classic APS-C polaroid instamatic camera.

Noone needs the massive resolution of these latest digital whiz-bang cameras – My film gets me way better results and for real pro’s like me then i don’t need the latest $8000 nikon d3x, so remember to keep boycotting it.

see you soon!


8 Responses to “Went to death Valley”

  1. Fake Ken,
    I was going to 2nd mortgage the house and buy a D3x, but after reading your blog, I’m going to boycott my purchase.
    Instead, I’m going to continue using my instamatic camera. Although I’m unable to find film for it, I think it sends the right message. After all, image is everything.

  2. Fake Jake Says:

    Fake Ken, some more geography lessons would also be great. I wonder, can you define ‘Welsh’ and tell me where Wales is? It’s been puzzling me for years. You are such a mine of information.


  3. iheartfilm Says:

    lol. Love the blog. Ken likes it, too.


  4. LOL. Keep the humor up, it is great!

  5. the fake thomas Says:

    hey fake ken rockwell,

    what do you reckon about all those tripod huggers pretending to be fake professionals instead of just shooting at high iso’s (not eyesoes) on their d40’s.

  6. Hi Ken;

    I hope you enjoyed all the donations that I gave last year and thanks for the cheesey camera you sent me, dam your GOOD..

    I’m broke and spent all my last dollars on film and can’t get it developed, please folks send me a donation as me and my family are starving.


  7. I stick to your advice and keep shooting landscape on film with an Olympus u compact camera. Wow, the days waiting for the results & scanning them at 3600dpi really beats even D800. Of course it cost hundred fold less….and no need to buy ultrawide lenses.

    Anyway ultrawide lenses aren’t for everyone (that includes me).

  8. Thanks for your advice about where the Orient is, Ken. Could you also tell me where I left my car keys and whether, in fact, bears do indeed shit in the woods?

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