Nikon d3x now in stock and shipping

Like i said i’m getting one of these after saying i wouldn’t.

Obviously i’m only doing it so i can review it for you guys. I was so impress having a quick play with FakeChucks D3x i changed my mind. Yeah i know it’s just a sony 24mpx sensor dropped into a d3 body, and yeah i know that 14-bit NEFs take me to 1.8fps, but, what can you do. At least we know it won’t suffer from black dots or AF problems. I really think it’s goodbye canon now.

My d3x is on the way now – i can’t wait to pair the latest and greatest 24mpx body with my dog-chew 100 year old lens i crowbar’d off an old holga i found in the loft – it will take full advantage of it i think. Of course it would be better on a holga or box-brownie as a professional photographer could easily get better pictures than a newbie with his d3x and 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 combo. The vignetting on the 70-200 alone makes it worth it.

Anyway – back to may ebay article – don’t forget to click on my links for amazon and B&H and ebay.



One Response to “Nikon d3x now in stock and shipping”

  1. It’s not a Sony sensor – does Fake Ken Rockwell know nothing?

    Oh… yeah. 🙂

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