Canon leak new 5d mark ii black dot announcement and solutions

I just got word from fake chuck over at his blog that canon have got a prelim. statement ready for release – of course he can’t publish yet – but he (in typical canon fashion) forgot to say i couldn’t 🙂 So here you go:

“Dear Canon 5d mark 2 customer,

Thankyou for buying the 5d mark 2 beta camera – as you may have noticed there are sometimes black dots on your photos – these can be fixed by either of the following methods:

a)leave lens cap on so all the photo is black
b)take photos of only black things
c)purchase the new 5d mark 2a camera due out early next year for only $3000
d)send all you canon equipment to fake ken rockwell for him to test

Thankyou for buying canon equipment despite our 1-series hiccup at launch/ongoing.

yours sincerely

The management

So there you have it folks – i’m sure you’ll see it tweaked a little bit now i’ve leaked it, but, the info will be the same


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