Got my new 5d2

I’m going to do lots of stuff with this new camera, though i’d prefer to shoot film as that’s what real pro’s use.

I could pick up a leica or bronica if i want top quality images, but, i prefer to buy stuff and test it so you don’t have to waste your money on tat.

Of course there is all this stuff about black dots on the canon forums on dpreview, i’m sure it’s just a lot of whinging though – bl**dy whiners!

I’ve going to be doing some comparison with the old d1x, an old kodak 1mp camera and my camera phone – everyone knows real pro’s shoot film though.


One Response to “Got my new 5d2”

  1. lol “everyone knows real pro’s shoot film”…so… Ken Rockwell šŸ™‚

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