Nikons f*cked!

I can’t believe it! Shortly after nikon announce their d3x flagship camera it turns out that like the cheapo d300 it is crippled if you want to get 14-bit NEF files.

Like the d300 you lose the headline frame rate of 5 fps (7 fps in DX mode) and drop to some unknown crawl to get the 14-bit mode – this means that even the 5d mark 2 will outshoot it in continous shooting. This pretty much confirms it uses the 12-bit sony sensor – otherwise it would be designed to shoot 14-bit from the get go – this is something my canons do without any fuss at all. Whenever my 5d2 turns up i’ll be sure to test it out against the d3x (i’m only getting this to test it for you folks obviously my loyal readers)

and still no buffer numbers – i hope it’s not going to be nobbled like the d3 was and Nikon make people pay a few hundred pounds to get the memory upgraded – all this in a camera aimed at PJs with a minuscule raw buffer – pathetic if you ask me. I wonder if d3x will be similarly configured when launched.

And what happened to the sensor cleaner? Nikon did is with their d700! Canon did it with the 5d2 and 1ds3 both full frame (and 1ds3 is 100%) – hell even olympus can do it! Man – Nikon is a laughing stock right now! So i still have to break out the swabs for my £5.5k camera! hope i don’t scratch the sensor!


One Response to “Nikons f*cked!”

  1. Right on man, keep the analysis coming! Sure glad I follow this website

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